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Naean uploaded the sprite to Madness Combat Resources.You can download it there.


2012-04-07 05:37:41 by UltimoTheHedgehog

Yay! new WEapon!
*I was going to add some detail stuff,but i'm only good at drawing line-art stuff :/
*I couldnt decide which weapon sound i should use,so i just (Randomly) used the deagel sound.Your ears should be bleeding right now.


Madness : Project Nexus Sprites

2012-03-31 07:33:13 by UltimoTheHedgehog

I haz dem.PM me if you want them.

Madness : Project Nexus Sprites

It's such a shame that he died so young, 23 is no age to die :( (Said Fim)

Legit enough?

Here's what you should do:


2012-03-25 07:56:11 by UltimoTheHedgehog

Madness Project Nexus is here.ASFGDSFDFASDVASD.


Another Sneak Peek + Text-Test

2012-03-23 16:40:18 by UltimoTheHedgehog

In this one,you can see the animation's name AND a test.I tried to make a Madness styled text.

Madness Text Test

There You Go!
If you want the .fla file,PM.By the way,another *something*.
( I know there is a animation called madness assassination,but it's pronounced Madness PNP:Assassination.So I see no problem :D just need to find a way to shorten it :P )

Another Sneak Peek + Text-Test

Let's start with some sneak peeks of the projects i'm working on.
Guess who's back and ready to kick-ass?

About that madness animation...


2012-03-19 14:27:07 by UltimoTheHedgehog

I think you guys realised i haven't been doing things here in a while.cause I did.Well I was busy with *something* aaaandzzz...
I'm bakc on NG!It looks like we have a new design,yeah? :P anyways,here are some people that i want myself to recognize:
ArchAngel (Yes,we are we)(linky link)
Randomes(XRandomKill)(When dafuq did u change de name brah?)
Coldtrojan(miss u bro :) )
nuke505(i'm his public :P check out some of his old news)
Aaaaaannndddzzzz....Gues what,bitches?
-Minecraft Animation
-A Madness One
-One for we's birthday :P
-Cupckaes!(didn't spell it wrong,itIS cupckeas.


Should I?

2011-12-24 15:14:05 by UltimoTheHedgehog

I'm Planning To Make A Livestream.

Whut You Guys Think?